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At Playou School, you can educate yourself on how to improve your sales and marketing through customer education, video marketing, brand storytelling and other methods. You'll find online courses, webinars, workshops, e-books, discussions, articles, and a community of students with similar interests.

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    Are you someone who enjoys studying independently and on your own schedule? Save money and time with self-paced courses.

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Our students say

Elisabetta Delponte, Konica Minolta:

"The Visual Storytelling is a great course to get an introduction on the most important steps for creating a video. During the course, that you can do at your own pace but with a continuous interactions with other students and teachers, I had the opportunity to create a script to describe my own organisation. The interesting feedbacks from the others and the personal discussions within the class helped me a lot to go through the creative process smoothly and effectively."

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