What You'll Learn

Explore the step-by-step process behind crafting a story for your business, product, or idea. Learn about the core tactics of storytelling and build the solid foundations of your story. While making sure to impact your audience, customers, colleagues, or business partners, you’ll also learn to:

  • Understand your audience and acknowledge your assumptions

  • Drill down your topic, outline your main goal, and define your messageDefine flow sequences and prepare the story’s structure

  • Define flow sequences and prepare the story’s structure

  • Brainstorm metaphors that could help your audience understand you better

  • Design the ending and what people will take away

  • Make a visual draft of your story


Thomas Zagdoun

Creative Director

Thomas is Playou’s creative director. He takes care of our customers’ journeys through the realization of their stories. He brings his experience and curiosity to help brands reach people. He is a communication enthusiast and devoted to sharing knowledge.