Customer Education enables your customers to better understand the true value of your products, services, and the brand itself.

What you'll learn

The Customer Education Academy aims to become a place for your potential and active customers to come back to. In the academy, people should find educational content about your products and services as well as content that will help your customers in their personal development or business.

  • Understand Customer Education

  • Create a Strategy for your Customer Education Academy

  • Understand Prototyping and Testing

  • Understand Deployment and Optimalization

Benefits of having a Customer Education Academy

Grow your brand through educating your customer and/or public

  • Positioning

    Become an industry leader through customer education

  • New customers

    Use the learning center as a super magnet for leads

  • Loyal customers

    Increase client loyalty by helping them grow and overcome their challenges

  • 25 lessons (18 video lessons)

  • Quizzes & Tasks

    Create your own project.

  • Certification upon completion

Meet Your Guide

Radim Hladis


Radim is CEO at Playou Education, Co-founder of Playou Videos and Storytelling School. He is an entrepreneur, service designer, creator of new ideas, creator of educational content and strategy, and an instructor at the Storytelling School. He believes education and communication are the main pillars for a quality and happy life.