What You'll Learn

In this course, Radim will guide you step by step through the process of building your new online course. An important part of the creation process involves strategy and prototyping. During the course, you will learn how to create an online course and, if you plan to sell it, pick up some valuable tips and advice.

  • How to use e-learning in your business

  • How to create a strategy and plan for creating an online course

  • How to create a prototype and test it with potential clients

  • How to build a course — step by step

  • How to reach and involve students

  • BONUS: How to promote and sell your courses

Meet your instructor

Radim Hladis


Radim is CEO at Playou Education, Co-founder of Playou Videos and Storytelling School. He is an entrepreneur, service designer, creator of new ideas, creator of educational content and strategy, and an instructor at the Storytelling School. He believes education and communication are the main pillars for a quality and happy life.