What You'll Learn

This course helps you to define your audience and your content. It introduces the principles of crafting a story so you feel confident using them in your everyday life. It will present you with three powerful visual tools to make your story more emotional, captivating, and better understood. It opens up space for your own creation. You will learn to:

  • Express effectively what you have to say

  • Create engaging presentations

  • Create a storyline

  • Make visuals to support what you want to say

  • Tell stories in front of the camera

Storytelling in practice

Learn how to convert your story into a visual form, making it intelligible and memorable.

  • Memorable presentations

    Storytelling is a successful strategy to make your ideas remembered and acted on. You will learn about all its aspects and possible applications.

  • Craft of Storytelling

    We will take you through the building blocks, necessary to build a story that will impact your audience. Understand the story structure and deliver compelling presentations.

  • Power of pictures

    When people see what you think, you build a bridge and create a relationship. Learn how to reach your public better by knowing about emotions.

About the Course

What does the course consist of?

  • 60 lessons (18 video lessons)

  • Quizzes & Tasks

    Check your knowledge at the end of every lesson.

  • Certification upon completion

  • Weekly group calls

    This is a bonus element, and it is not mandatory to join for successful course completion.

  • One-on-one calls with instructors

    One-on-one calls are available for the first five students.

  • Discussions & Feedbacks

    Learn more by asking and sharing with peers and instructors.

“The Visual Storytelling is a great course to get an introduction on the most important steps for creating a video. During the course, that you can do at your own pace but with a continuous interactions with other students and teachers, I had the opportunity to create a script to describe my own organisation. The interesting feedbacks from the others and the personal discussions within the class helped me a lot to go through the creative process smoothly and effectively.”

Elisabetta Delponte | R&D Communications Manager, Konica Minolta

Get the most of this course

  • Get and use the tools

    Our instructive videos will give you the tools and information you need. We will walk you through your own creative process, step by step, with weekly assignments.

  • Get feedback

    You will be part of community, and you’ll be invited to share and give feedback. You will also receive feedback.

  • Practice & improve

    Reflect on the feedback you receive, get inspired by our instructors', or your peers' experience.

  • Repeat

    Visual storytelling is a set of skills. Get better by practising them.

  • Schedule time for this course

    Give it the time and focus. We recommend an investment of approximately 8 hours. Find a non-distracting environment when doing the course.

  • Assignments

    Get the most out of the course by doing the practical assignments. Submit your work, improve it with feedback from your peers, and you will not only get satisfaction but also receive a certificate of completion.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction & Goal

    • Welcome!

    • Meet instructors

    • Meet your peers

    • Community Room

    • Why storytelling matters?

    • The Art of giving Feedback

    • Quiz: Giving Feedback

    • Your project goal

    • Share your GOAL

    • Conclusion

  • 2

    2. The Foundation of a story

    • Why we should tell stories

    • What do you like about stories?

    • Storytelling in business

    • Building blocks of the story

    • Quiz: Building Blocks

    • The Audience

    • The Topic

    • The Key Message

    • Quiz: Audience/Topic/Message

    • The Blueprint

    • Share your BLUEPRINT

    • Conclusion & Resources

  • 3

    3. The Craft of Storytelling

    • The Power of Stories

    • Quiz: the Power of stories

    • The Beginning of your story

    • Share your Story Beginning

    • How stories are made

    • Quiz: Story Structure

    • Essential points

    • Quiz: Essential Points

    • Business use case

    • Expanding the essential points

    • Conclusion & Resources

  • 4

    4. Story Prototype

    • Story Prototype

    • Share your Story Prototype

  • 5

    5. Make your story visual

    • Visualization

    • Presentation

    • Talking head

    • Storyboard

    • Your Final Project

    • Share your Visual Story

    • Summary of the course

    • Thank you !

    • Your feedback

Meet your instructors

Brian Caspe

Actor / Storyteller

Brian is an actor, acting teacher and trainer who has worked with hundreds of students to bring their passion to the surface. He has appeared in many Hollywood movies and television shows - e.g. Jojo Rabbit (2019), Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011) and Wanted (2008).

Justin Svoboda

Storyteller / Actor

Justin is an actor, host, and lecturer. Storytelling is his passion as well as helping others to develop their speaking and presentation skills. In his more than 20 years of experience, he has worked with big corporations as well as with schools, social workers, or actors.

Daniel Ladra

Creative Director / Partner at Playou

Daniel has been a creative director for more than four hundred video projects. He has worked for clients such as Konica Minolta, Skoda Auto, Budweiser, PwC, MasterCard, DELL, Skrill, and others. He and his team have shaped countless stories that brought those projects to life.