What You'll Learn

When thinking about a marketing video, there are specific steps to follow before you begin. This course will teach you the essentials for planning and producing your marketing (or personal) videos. You'll learn to:

  • Shape a video marketing strategy using a simple canvas

  • Set your primary marketing goal and a few specific and measurable sub-goals

  • Define your target audience

  • Identify the stage of your target audience from a marketing perspective

  • Choose a suitable video format depending on your goal and audience

  • Choose a distribution channel

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Meet Your instructor

Daniel Ladra

Creative Director / Partner at Playou

Daniel has been a creative director for more than five hundred video projects. He has worked for clients such as Konica Minolta, Skoda Auto, Budweiser, PwC, MasterCard, DELL, Skrill, and others. He and his team have shaped countless stories that brought those projects to life.