What You'll Learn

Everybody can draw. It is simply a matter of practice. Failing to develop your drawing and visualization skills leads to the rejection of up to 75% of the neurons in your brain used to process visuals. Taking advantage of visual thinking techniques stimulates your creativity, improves your speed of collaboration with your team, and increases your chances of having some fun in the process. With this course, you’ll learn to:

  • Draw and discover just how easy drawing is if you follow a few simple steps

  • Doodle during presentations and meetings to make your ideas visual

  • Create a visual story that resonates with your audience

  • Create your own set of icons, pictures, and figures to suit your needs

  • Collaborate using techniques for decision-making, goal-setting and information-sharing


Marta Stolfova

Project Manager

Marta has a background in psychology and marketing. She is a coach and former lecturer of development courses. When working, you are likely to find her sitting in a lotus position with a pen with big sheet of paper and listening to calming music. When she is not working, she is often learning some new personal development technique, walking through the forest, or both.